3D Cart


Designed for your dental intraoral scanner.
Make your scanning setup look professional and your everyday work easier.

The 3D Cart can be used with a desktop or laptop computer without the need to buy any additional add-ons. This gives you the flexibility in deciding which computer would be most suitable for your needs and gives you more options when you decide to upgrade your computer. 

Unlike other carts that are mostly made of metal, the 3D Cart is constructed from 6 mm thick aluminum, making it strong yet not too heavy.

There is sufficient space inside the cart for both PC and UPS, if needed. The shelf inside the 3D Cart offers additional storage space for scanning tips and calibration tools. Only the power and intraoral scanner cables should be visible, hiding others inside the cart.

The scanner is positioned in a way that makes it easily accessible from your workspace, but at the same time safely hidden, so you can’t bump into it by accident.

The design of the 3D Cart enables it to stand out in your dental office.




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Slovenia Europe
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