Is the ideal cart for an intraoral scanner used with a laptop computer. Its main feature is a functional laptop desk.

It has a simple, yet adjustable design according to users needs.

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The laptop desk is made of »Kerrock«. This is a special composite material, known for its resistance but very pleasant to the touch. It is environmentally and health friendly and has antibacterial properties.

There are openings in the desk for cable routing into the compartment under the desk. Only the extension cord should be visible, which can be hung on the hook on the table leg. This design gives a clean look and at the same time allows you to work effortlessly.

The cart is height-adjustable from 78 cm and up to 110, so it can be comfortably used when working in a standing position.

On the side of the table is a bracket on which the scanner holder can be mounted. This way the scanner is easily accessible when needed and safely hanging when not.

In case of wireless intraoral scanner, the battery charger and the WI-FI receiver can be placed in the dedicated compartment. This compartment is made into the table so that the accessories will not slide off the table. It also has an opening for cables routing.

Thanks to 360 degree rotating castors and a handle in the middle of the desk, moving the cart is very easy and smooth. The front two have a lock function, which enables the cart to be fixed if needed.

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